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We (my wife and I) are celebrating the 11th Anniversary of HAPLR, and more importantly, our 38th Anniversary. The HAPLR system uses data provided by 9,000 public libraries in the United States to create comparative rankings. The comparisons are in broad population categories. HAPLR provides a comparative rating system that librarians, trustees and the public can use to improve and extend library services. I am the director of Waukesha County Federated Library System.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Reporting Year Do HAPLR and the LJ Index Cover?

End Date of Reporting Period

“Not even close,” said then FSCS guru, Keith Lance, when I referred to the data by stating the “year of reporting” for the data back in 2000 or so. Because of that, I expected Lance and Lyons to give some attention the reporting period of the data involved. Lyons and Lance make no such disclaimer. Their Fact Sheet states: "This 2009 edition of the LJ Index is based upon 2006 public library statistical data published by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. "

Oh well, go figure, and, as Vonnegut would have said, so it goes.

For the 2006 IMLS reporting for 2009 HAPLR and LJ Index Data the ending date of the reporting periods stretch over 16 months from September 30, 2005 to December 31, 2006. The reports were filed by the various states during calendar year 2007.

End Date Number of Libraries
9/30/2005 : 11
10/31/2005: 1
11/30/2005: 8
12/31/2005: 286
01/31/2006: 1
02/28/2006: 14
03/31/2006: 127
04/15/2006: 1
04/30/2006: 205
05/31/2006: 52
06/30/2006: 3,644
07/31/2006: 13
08/31/2006: 41
09/30/2006: 1,081
10/31/2006: 5
11/30/2006: 1
12/31/2006: 3,717
Total: 9,208

The variety of reporting periods is concentrated in 11 states. Texas has 10 different reporting periods; Illinois and Missouri, 9; Maine, 8. Six other states have two or more reporting periods while the other 39 states have but one.

State Number of Report periods

TX 10
IL 9
MI 9
MO 9
ME 8
VT 6
NE 5
NY 5
AK 2
PA 2
UT 2

Other 39 States: 1

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